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Services available via tele-counselling, Digi-counselling and in-person counselling.

Psychologist Session


This therapy is offered to an individual when he/she approaches the counselor with feelings of emotional distress, unable to overcome them, and wherein it has begun to affect his/her state of life. This therapy form seeks individual sessions with the client. to best assess his individual problem areas, with no bias/external force of judgment.

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Stress and Anxiety Management

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is one of the most effective forms of therapy to treat anxiety disorder. CBT focuses directly on identifying changing behavior and thoughts, which further manifest stress and anxiety within an individual’s mental space. This therapy is majorly used to address mental health problems such as depression which lead to negative thinking and thereby stress.

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Career Counselling

We help in 3 Simple Steps for Career Selection & Planning  (Online & Offline)

Step 1 : Career Test
Psychometric Test

Step 2 : Personal Counselling Session 
Understand the results of your report and identify your key career goals.

Step 3 : Planning and Preparation
Seek guidance to plan the next steps and achieve your career goals.

Studying in a Library

Psycho-Educational Evaluation

This evaluation is done when the counsellor is approached by Parents or Teachers, suspecting that a student is facing certain learning issues in their academic curriculum. This evaluation can only be conducted by a certified psychologist to help identify learning disabilities, if any. This can help the parents and teachers to then devise teaching plans tailored to the student’s learning abilities.

Teacher Helping Student

Individualized Education Plan

This program is devised to guide delivery of Special Education Support for students facing learning challenges. IEP aids children studying in a mainstream school to receive tailored teaching and learning experience. Herein PHONICS is laid importance upon as a method of teaching, reading and writing of English language by understanding the sounds of phonemes.


Educational and TTT Workshops

Educational workshops are focused to sensitise the audience towards a particular educational topic. These can be for: students, teachers, parents or a community, with the ultimate focus to promote awareness. Such as workshops on Bullying, Self-harm, inclusive education, Board-related Anxiety Management etc. These workshops are targeted to help the audience manage these situations.

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